Course Description

Studies the history and future of tourism as well as the environment, culture, economy, and social impacts of tourism, and tourist behavior. Students will gain an understanding of the nature of the world's largest industry and its impacts on society and national economies.

Course Objectives:

Upon successful completion of this course, students should be able to:

  • Describe the history of the travel and tourism industry.
  • Explain the impacts the tourism industry has on a society's culture and values.
  • Explain the environmental issues associated with the tourism industry.
  • Identify the theories for travel motivation and explain tourists behavior.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of foreign currency exchange rates and policies.
  • Demonstrate skill in world geography.
  • Evaluate the role of government in tourism.
  • Predict the future of tourism using principles and research from the course.
  • Identify public and private tourism sector stakeholders.

Essential Learning Outcomes:

Upon successful completion of your coursework at Utah Valley University you should have acquired confidence and proficiency in the following areas:

  1. Integrated & Applied Learning
  2. Intellectual Practical Skills
  3. People of Integrity
  4. Professional Competency
  5. Stewards of Place
  6. Knowledge Foundation

Learn more about UVU's Essential Learning Outcome (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.sLinks to an external site..

Required Materials

All materials for this course are included in Canvas or are items you will need to research.  You will not need to purchase a separate textbook.

How This Course Works

For this three (3) credit-hour course students should expect to spend up to 9+ hours a week completing course activities.

This course has weekly due dates.  A typical lesson in this course consists of course readings, videos, discussions, assignments and quizzes. Additionally there are midterm exams covering several lessons each.  You will research and select a specific destination toward the Global Tourism Project.  The Global Tourism Project consists of several interim assignments involving further research and evaluation of your selected destination culminating in a research paper and presentation.   

Class Policies

Cheating - Any form of cheating or plagiarism will not be tolerated in my class and students will receive a failing grade for the course an "E" in addition to being reported to the Student Conduct and Dispute Resolution office for recommendation of removal from the institution (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. (Links to an external site.)

I will make every attempt to respond to student emails within 48 hours. Please contact me with any questions throughout the semester through the Canvas Inbox.

Check course Announcements each time you log into the course so that you have all the latest course information. 

Submission and Grading Procedures

All assignments, discussions, and papers will be turned in electronically through Canvas. All file uploads should be in Word or PDF format.  If you have technical difficulties with your course website contact Support Services at 801-863-8255 or 888-425-4412, or email

Unless otherwise noted all assignments are due on Sunday at 11:59 p.m.  Initial Discussion posts are due by Thursday and follow-up posts by Sunday.  Weeks in this course run from Monday through Sunday. I will make every attempt to have all assignments for each week graded within a week.

While I do not give extra credit, there are two optional discussions that can count toward your overall final grade. 

Late Policy - Working ahead in this course is encouraged as long as you keep pace with the scheduled discussions. Please note, I do not accept late work UNLESS you have a medically documented illness and there are extenuating circumstances beyond the specified and assigned due dates. Documentation will need to be provided to your instructor in this instance. 

Grading Scale : This scale represents your percentage of total points


Percent of Points

 A 95-100
 A- 90-94
 B+ 86-89
 B 83-85
 B- 80-82
 C+ 76-79
 C 73-75
 C- 70-72
 D+ 66-69
 D 63-65
 D- 60-62
 E <59



Assignments (11)


Discussions (10)


Quizzes (13)


Global Tourism Project /Presentation


Midterm Exams (3)





Assignments and Assessments


All assignments are to be submitted in Microsoft Word or PDF file formats.

One of your first assignments is the Syllabus Quiz which is designed to ensure that course expectations are clear.  Thoroughly study this syllabus prior to your first attempt. Take the syllabus quiz as many times as necessary to achieve a perfect score to release full course materials. Your syllabus quiz score counts toward your final course grade.  


Discussions will be opportunities to explore topics together.  Posts to the discussion should add significantly to the conversation and support your point of view.  Comments that do not add significantly to a discussion will receive no credit. It is okay to disagree in a discussion.  In fact much learning happens when we disagree.  However we need to be respectful and keep our online classroom a safe place to learn. 

Due dates for discussions correspond with the initial post date which is usually a Thursday.  Follow up comments are due by Sunday. Followup posts are expected to be after the due date and are not marked late.  Discussions conclude by the Sunday following the due date. After this, posts will be marked late.

When corresponding online it is important to be aware of Netiquette (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. or proper etiquette online. This document explains how we should correspond online to ensure a safe and open learning environment for everyone.


All quizzes and exams are offered online through this course.  Quizzes are multiple choice format for each of the 13 text chapters. 


There are three (3) online midterm exams that will cover several chapters from the text. These exams will consist of multiple-choice and short essay questions.

Global Tourism Project

The Global Tourism Project consists of several interim assignments involving further research and evaluation of your selected destination culminating in a research paper and presentation. Refer to Global Tourism Project (GTP) GuideView in a new window for details. Note that the research paper must be in APA writing style.